12 May, 2023

Refactors, Editors and Drawers

Image from changelog version 1.3.0
Ultimate Grid Inventory - 1.3.0
22 June, 2022

Ultimate Grid Inventory is a template inventory to plug and play in your game. Is based in Scriptable Objects Events to make easy to implement new feature!

Refactors, Editors and Drawers

What's Changed

In the latest series of developments and improvements to UGI, we've been actively working on enhancing the grid and separation logic within our project. The release showcases a range of significant changes and additions that promise to elevate the functionality and usability of our asset.


  • Creation of new editors tailored specifically for business classes, ensuring a streamlined and efficient editing experience for these essential components.
  • Resolving a bug related to a break in a foreach loop, in order to make a single interation.
  • Pruning of unnecessary properties to simplify the codebase and improve its maintainability.
  • Enhancements to the InventoryMetadataPropertyDrawer, alongside improvements to the grid location functionality in GridTablePropertyDrawer.
  • Introduction of a new catch clause, enhancing error handling and robustness.
  • Creation of the ContainerMetadata property drawer.
  • Adjustments to fix the height-related issues within the editor.
  • Inclusion of a table drawer helper to draw tables in the Editor.
  • Removal of unnecessary imports, reducing clutter and enhancing code readability.
  • Resolution of annotation issues, enhancing code quality and documentation.
  • Ongoing improvements and extensions to various editors for ContainerMetadata.
  • Iterative code improvements aimed at boosting efficiency and readability.
  • Introduction of the initial metadata drawer, contributing to the evolution of our application's user interface.
  • Resolution of height-related challenges within the editor interface.
  • Continued expansion of property editors, enhancing the range of customizable options.
  • Completion of the table drawer, cementing its role in our Editor UI design.
  • Iterative design efforts focused on the grid table inventory, with added refinements.
  • Introduction of the GridTable editor, further empowering users to configure and manage grid tables effectively.
  • Fixing input events for single events related to placing and picking up items.
  • Refining the behavior of the close button in the help modal.
  • Introducing initial controller support to the user interface.
  • And more…

The release also extends these efforts with the introduction of an input provider architecture. This architecture lays the foundation for an easy attach in other projects and multiple inputs providers. We still want to make more improvements in the input provider, which will be along the next releases.

These developments collectively highlight our commitment to improving the user experience, code quality, and overall functionality of our asset. We continue to refine and innovate, building upon these achievements to deliver a more robust and user-friendly grid inventory solution.