12 May, 2023

Refactors, Editors and Drawers

Image from changelog version 1.3.0
Ultimate Grid Inventory - 1.3.0
22 June, 2022

Ultimate Grid Inventory is a template inventory to plug and play in your game. Is based in Scriptable Objects Events to make easy to implement new feature!

Refactors, Editors and Drawers

What's Changed

  • Merge pull request #66 from rushassets/feature/improving-grid-and-separation-logic Improving grid and separation logic - Created some editors for business classes
  • Fixing break in foreach loop. (Bug: Refactor the containing loop to do more than one iteration.)
  • Changing for SerializeReference
  • Removing unnecessary property
  • Fixing InventoryMetadataPropertyDrawer and improving location from grid in GridTablePropertyDrawer
  • Adding new catch clause
  • Finishing container metadata property drawer
  • Adding the type to ContainerMetadata Drawer
  • Fixing the height
  • Adding container metadata editor
  • Adding table drawer helper
  • Removing unnecessary import
  • Fixing properties utils
  • Fixing annotation
  • Adding more code for ContainerMetadata editor
  • Adding more editor for ContainerMetadata
  • Adding initial code for Metadata drawers
  • Improving some code
  • Adding initial metadata drawer
  • Fixing height in editor
  • Adding more property editors
  • Finishing table drawer
  • Adding more design for the grid table inventory
  • Adding GridTable editor
  • Adding OnUpdateUI event for item, so we don't need to access the UI Item directly. -Add the CreateMetadata in the Item for future features, so we encapsulate the logic there. - Add the ClearPreviousGrid for when we have the GridTable anchor working properly. - Add InitializeEnvironmentContainer in the Inventory Supplier, for encapsulate the logic inside the supplier, and remove from the current class. - Fix the InventoryHighlightSpaceContainerController, now it shows the different background when the player is dragging something that fits inside a container inside the player's inventory.
  • Remove unused property
  • Removing AbstractGrid dependency from GridTable and also creating GridAnchor for hold the reference for Grid Table.
  • Merge pull request #65 from rushassets/feature/improving-input-for-single-event Fixing input event for single event for place and pickup
  • Fixing close button from help modal
  • Adding controller support to the UI
  • Fixing input event for single event for place and pickup
  • Merge pull request #64 from rushassets/feature/improving-input Adding input provider architecture
  • Removing log
  • Adding grid movement to old input system
  • Fixing importer issues
  • Fixing both inputs problem. Improving draggable controller method location. Fixing item holder bug in the equip option
  • Improve the input system and auto detext input event system
  • Fixing the place and pickup
  • Adding initial from new input system
  • Adding input system classes and also improving the InventoryInputHandler
  • Adding initial input provider architecture
  • Merge pull request #63 from rushassets/main Merging main into develop
  • Update sonar-analysis.yml
  • Update SonarQube.Analysis.xml
  • Update sonar-analysis.yml
  • Changing modifier from methods
  • Improving the provider processors handler
  • Adding initial item to holder
  • Removing option from Ruby
  • Adding equip manager and using the supplier
  • Adding initial improvements in the insert and remove items from grids. Adding a supplier for that
  • Updating the documentation
  • Adding debug toggle for showing logs
  • Fixing highlighter bug. And also fixing the ItemGrid2D not initializing the grid in case just a grid.
  • Adding processors to draggable provider.
  • Reorganizing the folders and scriptable objects
  • Improving the draggable controller and separating responsibility. - Adding processors and draggable provider. - Adding basic processors. - Analysing for a stack processor
  • Adding place system and rollback
  • Fixing highlighter issue
  • Create