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Ultimate Grid Inventory

If you're looking for a Unity Inventory Grid template to build games with, or simply to create a prototype with, this is the asset for you!

🕹️ Functionalities

🎒 Grid Inventory

A system that allows for devs to create their own grid inventory and set that item as a Container where the player can hold.

🔦 Holders

Holders where the player can equip a container as a backpack equip...

🔧 Draggable System

Draggable System or Clicky System in order to move items in the inventory...

You can should between hold to drag the item or just click once to drag.

👆 Right Click Options

Quick actions in the right click  

  • Equip
  • Open
  • Inspect
  • Discard  
    And easy to implement more! Ps: Refactored to scriptable objects, just add options to items and that is it! We have options on right click.

📩 On Hover Insert

When dragging a item you the can drop hover an container and it will be inserted in that container.

⌨️ Input System

Better with New Input System! This lib was created in old input system but it was thought to easy change to other from input system.

🎧 Audio System

Audio System based on two events "OnPickup" and "OnPlace" in the grid. Easy to implement more events if needed.

Updates from Ultimate Grid Inventory.

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