13 July, 2022

Audio System - On Place, On Pick and Options System Refactor

Image from changelog version 0.9.0
Ultimate Grid Inventory - 0.9.0
22 June, 2022

Ultimate Grid Inventory is a template inventory to plug and play in your game. Is based in Scriptable Objects Events to make easy to implement new feature!

🎧 Audio System

We develop an audio system based in scriptable objects.

❗ Important classes

AudioSo: Holds the audio settings for a AudioClip.  

AudioStateSo: Holds the AudioSos, so you can add multiple audios in order to have a random or sequence of a clip each time it will be executed to be more enjoyable for ears!  

AudioCueSo: Holds two AudioStateSo, onBeingPlace and onBeingPicked. Used in the Draggable Controller to add audio during the actions.  

⚙️ Options System Refactor

The Options System was refactored to scriptable objects. It's easier to add options to items. Just create a scriptable object of OptionSo and add in the ItemDataSo options prop


  • Potion Item

Potion Item in demo

  • Backpack Item

Backpack Item in demo

➕ Add / Changes

Added a Inventory Audio Controller

Added a Inventory Audio Controller in the InventoryManager prefab and also an Audio Source as a child to link the the dependency from script. (Easy to add your own audio source)

Changes in Draggable Controller

A few changes was made in Draggable Controller, just to trigger the onBeingPlace and onBeingPick. The audios also apply to equip/unequip in Container Holders

Wav files

Added some wav files to add audios to default items