22 June, 2022

Adding basic features... Grid Inventory, Holders, Draggable System, Right Click Options, On Hover Insert and Input System

Image from changelog version 0.8.0
Ultimate Grid Inventory - 0.8.0
22 June, 2022

Ultimate Grid Inventory is a template inventory to plug and play in your game. Is based in Scriptable Objects Events to make easy to implement new feature!



  • A good understanding of C# will help you use the project in a more effective manner, but it is not a requirement.

  • This asset will be upgraded... So expect improvements from time to time

📚 Overview

It includes some basic/useful scripts that make inventory works pretty well. Unique and customizable tiled inventory with default tile images.

🎨 Visuals & Art

  • Basic Tile art
  • Basic Items/Containers Art

🖥️ UI Icons & HUD

  • Items Art
  • Container Open Window
  • Inspect Window
  • Right Click UI
  • And more...

🕹️ Functionality

🎒 Grid Inventory

A system that allows for devs to create their own grid inventory and set that item as a Container where the player can hold.

🔦 Holders

Holders where the player can equip a container as a backpack equip...

🔧 Draggable System

Draggable System or Clicky System in order to move items in the inventory...

You can should between hold to drag the item or just click once to drag.

👆 Right Click Options

Quick actions in the right click


  • Equip
  • Open
  • Inspect
  • Discard
  • And easy to implement more!

⌨️ Input System

Better with New Input System! This asset was created in old input system but it was thought to easy change to other input system.

More are coming! (We are working on improve this documentation as well create more features to Ultimate Grid Inventory)